Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Amazing how quick time goes by don’t you think?

I remember starting Simplicity Blog in January 2005 – almost three years ago. I wasn’t sure how it would go and whether or not I would keep it going.

I have written 734 postings - an average of 5.02 posts per week. Not bad – almost one posting per day and I’m pretty pleased with that output.

I’ve also looked at comments and discovered I've had a total of 2253 comments – the most for a single post is 19 comments (4 times)

I like messing around with numbers ….

My Blog will never create business and frankly that has never been my intention. I just love the banter and discussion the Blog creates.

I have made friends with many people from all over the world and without Simplicity Blog I doubt that would have happened.

Hope you continue to respond so brilliantly with your comments on Simplicity Blog. I have taken notice of readers comments over the last 34 months and tried to adapt the content in the light of readers comments.

I’m looking forward to hitting 1000 postings sometime around Christmas 2008

As a matter of interest this is what I wrote on my first posting on 22 January 2005:

Blogging - Is this the new way to make a difference?

I love communicating and Blogging is the latest way of doing it. Isn't it wonderful how we can now share thoughts instantly with like minded people from all over the world about how organisations are led and how things need to change?

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