Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sir Alex - The Guvnor!

Today Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates 21 years as Manager of Manchester United.

There is an article today in The Independent - click here to read it.

I am very biased – I think Sir Alex is the best manager in the history of British football - just count his trophies. The Independent article however gives a more balanced and impartial view than mine of the record of Sir Alex.

I love these extracts;

‘How it is that he acquires years but not age? Why is it that his partiality still burns like some tinder-box canyon in southern California? Can it be true that he still takes offence quicker than a hell-fire preacher in a bawdy house?

Will he ever mellow? Will he ever take off the clothes of a curmudgeon when things do not go quite as well as he likes? No, he will not ….

Ferguson will be 66 on the last day of December. Time to act like a guy who owns a bus pass? Not with Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo and the likely lad from Brazil, Anderson, still in the foothills of their careers.

He ignites the game to which he has devoted his life and because he cares so much, and whatever we think of his style, so do we. It means that today the toast is not so much to a unique football manager as the sheer force of life.’


flanok said...

I have mentioned Alex before on this blog and as a supporter of Newcastle United would love to have the stability Alex has brought to Manchester as well as the ability to manage and gain respect from the fans. Someone did mention though he didnot do well the first 3 seasons and was nearly for the sack. You cant even last 3 months at Newcastle before you are ready for the sack. If we stuck with someone just that little bit longer we may also have our own Alex Furguson.


First Plus

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks flanok - I agree with you completely. Sir Alex was given enough time and the Board were patient with him whilst he built the club. Nowadays he probably would not be given so much time. I hope Kevin Keegan can rebuild the Newcastle team and if he has Alan Shearer alongside him - and they are both given time I'm sure they will be a success. You Geordies deserve success.