Friday, November 30, 2007

Mr Brown - Wake up and smell the coffee!

I am disappointed and disillusioned with Politics right now.
I’ve never made it a secret on Simplicity Blog I have been a Labour supporter all my life. This goes back to my formative years and my upbringing I think rather than some well argued decision I came to. My late beloved Dad was a Trade Union member working in a car factory and that is where I got much of my political views from. Dad was a staunch Labour Party supporter.

When Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997 I was really excited.

I felt in 1997 that - at last - after many years of Conservative Government – we had a young man with new ideas who was going to bring a smile to our faces and some passion to the political scene.

And he did.

Until the Iraq conflict make no mistake Tony Blair was flying high in the opinion polls and don’t forget he won three General Election which is something never achieved by any other Labour leader.

I think it desperately sad to watch senior members of the Labour Party (particularly the PM Gordon Brown, who I like) running away, like scared animals, from crisis after crisis. It feels to me like we hear nothing but excuses for things that have gone wrong rather than exciting plans for new ways ahead for our country.

I think we need a General Election desperately and the way things are going with this latest crisis about donations to the Labour Party I suspect we might be having a General Election sooner than Mr Brown had planned.


Mike Gardner said...

I saw a movie recently title "The Deal" about Mr. Brown and Mr. Blair--their younger days as very junior MPs, their friendship, and ultimately the "deal" they made that Mr. Blair would be PM for one term then turn it over to Mr. Brown, whom everyone knew was the senior Labour leader and more qualified for the PM post in the first place. Of course, Mr. Blair did not turn over the job after a few years to Mr. Brown, which strained their friendship to say the least. I'm thinking it is entirely possible that Mr. Brown, with his dour Scottish personality and history of "prying up the cobblestones" just became tired and disillusioned by the whole mess after waiting so long. It may very well be that he no longer has the fire needed to be what he once was. If so, it would be a poor end to an illustrious political career.

Trevor Gay said...

Yes Mike I've read that too.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Gordon Brown twice in the last six months. I like him - he is far more personable than the image he projects on TV.

I think he made a fatal mistake with hesitancy over whether to call an election about last month. I think he should have gone for it but he hesitated and the Opposition now accuse him of indecisiveness. I feel he will not recover from the current issues facing him and I see a decline in Labour's popularity unless there is some dramatic improvement.

It is a shame and really I feel for Gordon Brown in many ways. I guess he is now undergoing a test to prove whether or not he is a leader. I fear he is going to fail that test. I hope I am wrong

flanok said...

I struggle with this bit about liking a priminister. Its almost like electing an ex film star on the person with the best perosnality. I want someone who is good at business, tough and fair adn knows what the priorities are, rather than putting a smile on for us in front of the camera. We need to be tough at the moment with wars and even the dispute with Russia. Unfortunatly I dont see hwo that person is, so I am not bothered about an election.



Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Mark

Mr Brown is - I am sure - very competent. I think as a leader he doesn’t inspire confidence in the people who matter most to him - the voters. He just does not come across as a leader in the way Tony Blair did. I now that many people disagree with me but that is my opinion. Thanks again for visiting Simplicity Blog - I hope you come back regularly and also tell your friends!