Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rogue Project Leader

I am delighted to promote an online magazine called Rogue Project Leader for a friend Dan Ward from America.

Dan has published one of my articles in his latest edition and you can see the journal at this link –

Happy reading and thanks again Dan for the plug about my Simplicity Manifesto where you can still vote. Currently my proposal is in second place so I need a few more votes! – Help!



Rocky said...

That is great. His book looks good. The Lulu thing seems pretty good. He did a great job of promoting you.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Rocky

I'm not sure where Dan is based in the States but you may wish to make contact with him.

Anonymous said...

A very inspired article, Trevor. I have enjoyed reading it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, Trevor! Best wishes with your Manifesto proposal!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Felix and thanks Dan

The manifesto vote is still look good although I have fallen behind by 14 votes now!!

I am very thrilled to receive 100 votes nevertheless!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Dan & Quaid's Greatest Hits this week during free moments. Good stuff. My colleagues started reading it and then trying to figure out who fit the descriptions of Hero, Evil Genius, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks Mike!

If you get a chance, would you be willing to do a short review of the Greatest Hits book? You can post it at www.lulu.com/RoguePress.


- Dan

Mike Gardner said...

Dan--Sure. I will try to make time next week. (I'm driving 4+ hours every day this week and out of town all day Friday and Saturday working with a supplier. No time for much of anything this week, I'm afraid.)