Monday, February 06, 2006

This was Customer Care?

Thought I would just share with you a customer care story….

We went into a very well known carpet store on Sunday to buy a small inexpensive piece of carpet for a box room. We only wanted one piece approx 2 metres by 2 and half metres.

We selected the carpet we liked and asked if we could have a piece cut off the roll. We were told we could only have a piece 4 metres wide by 2 metres. This is normal practice and understandable – I was fully aware we would be wasting a lot.

Now please imagine a piece of carpet 4 metres wide by two metres. I asked very politely if they would mind cutting the 4 metre width to 2 and a half metre width to make it easier to carry in the car and to save me cutting it at home. They said they could not do that as they did not have the space to lay the carpet out. I asked if they could allow me to cut it but they could not allow that.

They said they would only make one cut as the second ‘dimension’ might be inaccurate and then I would complain. I said I would accept responsibility for them cutting it. I said I would happily watch them cutting it and I would even measure it myself before they cut it if they wanted. Again they refused to cut it or allow me to cut it or measure it.

I went to the cash desk to pay for the carpet and made another comment that I could not see why they could not make a second cut as they were already cutting the first piece without me watching and it did not seem to matter they may cut that to wrong dimensions. They said that is because they cut it longer by a few inches to make sure. I said again I would quite happily cut the carpet myself, measure it and double check but to no avail. They were simply not going to budge.

I paid for the carpet and waited. The person who had cut the carpet deposited it near the front door of the store on top of a display stand. He left without a word to anyone.

We eventually asked at the payment desk whether that was our carpet and whether we can take it away. ‘I think so’ said the young girl trying to be helpful. So I carried the carpet to the car in its full 4 metre by 2 metre length and loaded it. It would have been nice to have had two smaller pieces but, not to be I am afraid.

The point of this story is not that I had to carry the carpet to my car.

The point is this was pathetic jobsworth attitudes where the staff members refuse to even entertain a paying customer's very reasonable request and whatever I said I got back a jobsworth answer.

My biggest regret is that I actually parted with my money before I realised what a total shambles this was.

On the other hand I am delighted in one sense that I am able to let anyone I know the name of this well known company that will not get my business again. In case their solicitors read my Blog I best not name them!! but I am writing to their Chairman or Chief Executive to let them know about their customer care!

Customer Care?

“Bah Humbug” in the words of their sales training videos I bet!


Anonymous said...

"I am able to let anyone I know the name of this well known company that will not get my business again. In case their solicitors read my Blog I best not name them!! but I am writing to their Chairman or Chief Executive to let them know about their customer care!"

Trevor, what is the company name, address and take a picture and update this post with this rant ! Nobody/company should be able to bully thier customers !! Why are you scared.. you just went thru a bad expereince and you are letting the truth be known.... about this company..

bad bad Trevor...wiseup... read this

Rocky said...

That makes no sense at all. You were paying for the product. you should be a ble to get it cut into ribbons if that is what you want. I cannot imagine going to a restaurant and not getting my food prepared the way I want. it is really no different. You are paying them to give you a product you are satisfied with. Clearly you were not satisfied with the product. They made you carry it to the car on top of that. That is very bad business.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Peter and Rocky

I will give the company Chairman or Chief Executive the opportunity first to respond and let you know before I publish the name

I am not really scared because I am just telling it as it really is. I guess I just want to give them the first opportunity to make it right with us and let them know about the appalling customer service their staff gave us!

Anonymous said...

The reason you went throught with the transaction before realizing what a shambles it was, is that we have been conditioned for many years to obey the institutions in our lives. All stores (and restaurants, etc.) had loads of rules and policies designed to make life easier for their management, not their customers. We got used to it. We dealt with it, but we kept coming back. It was only recently that the consumer revolution took hold and we started demanding to be treated as customers again. I was "awakened" by a similar experience a few years ago. I left a full shopping cart of groceries sitting in front of a flabbergasted check-out clerk and just walked away, never to return. I sometimes ask perplexed clerks and salespeople if they can't see that it says "customer" on my forehead. That always wakes them up! And I remember I was once told by a clerk in one of our more popular home-improvement chain stores that I should not expect good service at their store because that wasn't what they were about. I couldn't expect low prices AND good service, now could I? Unbelievable.

Trevor Gay said...

Brilliant Mike!

The thing that really gets to me is that I AM PARTING WITH MY MONEY as a customer and it is as if I am doing THEM a favour!!!

I love your story of the full cart of groceries and walking away. I worked with someone who could not get a company to come and collect a faulty rented TV for repair despite promises of pick up times. He finally telephoned the company to tell them their TV with was in his driveway in the rain waiting to be collected. They came within half an hour! This was the same man who collected all his junk mail for three months– put it all in a very large envelope with ‘postage to be paid by receiver’ written on it. He sent the envelope it to Readers Digest with a note inside saying “Now you know how it feels”

Latest info on my episode is that the Chief Executive’s office has passed my e mail to the Regional Manager who will apparently get tin touch with me

I will keep you updated but don't hold your breath – AFTER ALL I AM ONLY THE CUSTOMER!

Anonymous said...

good, I would like to see the RM reply to the email !!

Remember "our reach is better then thier grasp - Accept it- get over it and deal with it" - is what I tell the customer facing folks !!