Sunday, February 12, 2006

Carers in the limelight - AT LAST!!!

How wonderful it was to see so much coverage last week on National ITV News about unpaid family Carers.

As I have often said Carers save the Government as much money as it costs to run the entire National Health Service.

At long last the national media have picked up and run stories about the plight of Carers who - to put it bluntly - are being ‘ripped off’ as their benefits fail to take account of the 24/7 care they often provide for their loved one.

Carers look after family members usually from a sense of love, duty and obligation. It is sometimes not necessarily their choice to do this but it is forced on them by circumstances and expectations of others.

The least we can do is ensure Carers are rewarded adequately financially.

Anything that can be done to 'keep the pot boiling' and keep Carers in the headlines is fine by me.

Please visit Carers UK Web site at this link:

and give any support you can for Carers in your area.


Rocky said...

Unfortunately, carers are most on our minds when we need them. We tend to forget the necessary service that some people provide and only become aware of their value in times of need. thanks for keeping this issue in the front of your work.

Trevor Gay said...

As I often say if it were not for the healthcare 'savings' that carers make for our Government - our country would be bankrupt!