Friday, February 10, 2006

A Vote for Simplicity - UPDATE

Friday update

Ooops!! I spoke to soon!!

The leader now is 63 ahead - I need to settle for second place methinks!

Thursday update

Just a week before the vote closes and I am still in second place but now only 2 votes behind the leader!

Thank you so much to all who have voted. Please tell your friends!

The closing date for the vote is 16 February so I need one big final push to catch the leader!!!

Please spread the word!!!

Here is my original posting from a few days ago


Inspired by my friend Felix Gerena from the Basque Country who wrote a Manifeto called The Life Cycle of the Creative Soul I am now writing a ‘Change This’ Manifesto called Simplicity is the Key.

To qualify to write this Manifesto I need people to vote for my proposal which you can see at this link.

I hope you will visit this link and, if you like the look of my proposal, please vote by clicking “Yes write this manifesto”

Thank you - Keep it Simple


Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Rocky - Yeehah!!!

Rocky said...

Write on Brother, Right on

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing the manifesto when done! All of us need it!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Trevor. You have my vote. In all honesty, you have the best thing there.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Dave, Felix and Noel - I really appreciate your votes.

Keep it simple guys.

Anonymous said...

So, you have to be the top vote-getter for them to publish it? I didn't realize that. I would think that would be a rather uninspiring business model for them. I mean, these are the same guys who spawned InBubbleWrap, so why do they take themselves so seriously? Manifestos can be worthy of publication without the popularity contest. Good luck Trevor. Publish it anyway--even if you don't "win."

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike - hope you are well.

I am not sure either if you have to win to get it published!

I will wait and see what happens but I will do somthing as you say regardless :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's some support:

Good luck!

Trevor Gay said...

Briliant - thanks so much Gabriel