Monday, January 23, 2006

'Simplicity is the Key' - Now Easily Available

I recently set up a PayPal account which now enables me to easily supply direct to customers a copy (or copies) of my book Simplicity is the Key.

In simple terms payment can now be arranged very easily through a secure system (PayPal)

All I need is an e-mail address and of course a postal address for mailing.

If anyone would like a copy of my book please let me know by e-mail at and I will arrange despatch immediately.

I have been selling the book direct for the last few months to many people in various parts of the world but this new PayPal system makes it much easier for customers and for me to organise payment.

Please advise me if you want a book by contacting me at this e mail address:


Anonymous said...

It seems obvious that front line workers have the answers. Why is it so hard for managers to understand that?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Chuck - thanks for that. Of course I agree with you and I think the reasons managers 'don't get it' are various. Some of my thoughts about why managers don't get it:

1 The manager spends too much time talking to other managers instead of talking to people at the front line

2 The manager spends too much time in the office instead of listening to customers (in healthcare that means patients and family carers)

3 Academics try to turn management into a ‘science’ rather than the ‘art’ that it is

4 The leaders in the organisation do not set the right example to managers. Leaders should get out there and talk to front line staff and lead by example by giving the power to front line staff

In summary Chuck it is not ‘hard’ for managers to understand it if they just free up their mind to the possibility that their job is to make the job of front line staff easier instead of spending all their time writing reports that no one reads.