Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tony Benn - Part Two - see previous Simplicity posting dated 8 August

So there I was wondering what to write for my Simplicity Blog last night at 10.30 and the phone rang.

Annie answered the phone and was more than a little surprised and shocked to hear the voice on the other end saying

“Hello Tony Benn here”

Tony Benn – a mega famous Labour Party politician – now retired as an MP was ringing to thank me for an e-mail I had sent (via his son Hilary Benn MP) – congratulating Mr Benn Senior on the publication of his latest book “Dare to Be a Daniel”

I proceeded to have a ten minute chat with this very alert, full of beans, sprightly, 80 year old who seemed to have boundless energy and related many quick memories of his time in politics and about the National Health Service and its formation in 1948.

More important than that, he was interested in what I had done in my life.

People in the full glare of national politics sometimes get bad press and are portrayed as arrogant, distant and not in touch. Tony Benn has had many critics in his long and fascinating political life. To me he always appeared genuine whenever I saw him on television. He is still passionate about his socialist beliefs.

The fact that Mr Benn took the trouble to ring me – someone pretty insignificant in his life - tells me so much about the man. Annie and I were both gobsmacked!

I felt privileged Mr Benn took the time to ring and it illustrates to me he is someone who walks his own talk.

That is – he does care for people.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome that you were able to make that kind of contact. You are really doing well to spread your simplicity message. i have always thought that the main ingredient in success is that you must care. This story is a great testimony to that. keep up the good work.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky

Mr Benn served as a Labour Party MP (Member of Parliament) for over 50 years until about 3 years ago and is a political 'icon' over here in the UK.

I actually feel very honoured that he took the time and trouble to ring me. This is an 80 year old man with the alertness of a 20 year old!

Amazing that he takes the trouble to do that and yet some people I correspond with in business cannot even acknowledge an e mail. Amazing!

Mr Benn has always been a hero of mine and this just confirms everything I ever thought about the man - he has conviction, passion, focus and belief - attributes of a great leader.

It is a great shame he never became leader of the Labour Party and thus our UK Prime Minister a few years ago.

His book 'Dare to be a Daniel' is a great - I think you folks in America would enjoy it. You can get the book an Amazon at this link


Trevor Gay said...

Absoulutely Felix - thank you

Anonymous said...

Trevor, he's alright. What a professional.

Trevor Gay said...

Too right Noel - Mr Benn is awesome.

Good men are few.

Sriram said...

Hey Trevor,

So nice of Mr.Tony Benn...i truly believe 'the greatest of simplicity lies in humility'