Saturday, September 17, 2005


A good friend of mine Roger Noe of Kentucky, America has a new web site to promote his work to help young people affected by drug abuse.

He has designed a programme called TERRIFIC to assist clients overcome problems.

Roger who likes to be known as 'Rocky' - has spent many years working with troubled young people and he has much to offer young people going through difficult times.

I hope you will find time to visit Rocky's site and give him encouragment to pursue his plans to develop the TERRIFIC programme that he has begun.

The Web Site is still in the development stage - please offer Rocky your support.

Rocky says

"There is no easy explanation why some youth get involved in drug use. There can be many contributing factors such as peer pressure, living in communities that are over run with the drug culture, or family history of drug abuse. The TERRIFIC Program is specially designed to help youth meet the many challenges they face in regards to the drug culture, peer pressure and family problems. "

Good luck Rocky - you have worked hard for many years for your clients - you deserve success

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. I have studied drug and alcohol use and abuse with young people for many years. There are so many dynamics that create the drug culture. Unfortunately the drug culture continues to gain momentum. The advent of designer drugs has created a a whole new wave of problems that we are unable to keep pace with. Drug and alcohol treatment is growing. We are learning more everyday. It takes a constant effort to stay up to date with the new and powerful drugs that hit the streets. The methods of using and distributing drugs becomes more advanced everyday. The drug culture permeates every level of society. The dynamics of addiction are profound and takes a constant education to stay on top of new and better information in the fight against drugs. My goal is to learn and grow as a person and a treatment provider to try and provide the best services possible. Working with caring people around the world such as people in the Simplicity network, rattle-the-cage and others is a great learning experience in what motivates people. Thanks for all you do.