Saturday, September 03, 2005

Do you love your work?

I try to read a book a month and the book I am reading at the moment is 'Bear Hunt: Earning Your Living by Doing What You Love '- Malcolm McClean.

You can see more details at this Amazon link.

I think Malcolm McClean has produced an easy to read and yet profound piece of work.

I felt engaged immediately and I enjoy the way he illustrates through powerful case studies how we can all love our work if we can convince ourselves to change our view of work.

I have always believed people can love their work. This book proves not only that you can love your work but if you do love your work your life priorities are more likely to be adjusted favourably.

The paradox is; loving your work does not mean you become a workaholic - in fact you will enjoy life more because you are happier in a huge part of your life i.e. being at work.

My favourite chapter is 'Think Like An Eight Year Old' and there is a lovely moment described by the author when his own son tells his Dad he is acting ‘like a kid’ – Malcolm McClean feels this was a fabulous compliment that meant he had achieved that special creativity and innocence of an 8 year old – wonderful stuff.

I hope you will consider buying this book.


Pepsicology said...

I do, I am one of those examples of the "love what you do and do what you love" saying; mostly because of the good people.

Trevor Gay said...

Doing something you love and making a living must always be the aim.

I am sure all of us would rather be comfortable and happy than rich but miserable in our work.

I hope you buy Malcolm's book.