Monday, September 19, 2005

Simplicity Mantra

My latest Simplicity mantra is three points as follows;

1 Staff at the front line know ALL the answers ALL the time.

2 If managers have a job at all in 2005 it is to make it easy for front line staff to do their job with freedom.

3 Give all the money – YES ALL THE MONEY to front line staff.

I have always believed managers should give more trust to front line staff and I will be writing more on this in the next year.


Troy Worman said...

Love it! Simplicity at its best. You wast no time boiling this one down for us, Sir. It is all about the front line. Bloody well right!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Troy - glad you agree

Troy Worman said...

Absolutely! You must take care of the men and women in the trenches. This is where the work gets dones.