Sunday, September 18, 2005

Match of the day?

Please forgive a little self-indulgence - a short update on my football (soccer) comeback at 53 years of age. It is 20 years since I ‘retired’ from 11-a-side competitive football.

Today my team played our second game of the season.

After our first match defeat two weeks ago by 5 goals to 1 we showed a big improvement to play out a goalless draw 0-0. Not perhaps the most inspiring match ever seen but we were all well pleased with our efforts.

All 22 players on the pitch are supposed to be over 35 years of age. I suspect a few are not yet 35 – but anyway it is great fun. I look forward to our next match two weeks from today.
Annie comes along to offer support and that is just fantastic - it is great to know she is there. Love you hun!

It feels great that I still get the same 'buzz' before the match as I did when I was 18. However the ‘recovery time’ from a match is a lot longer than when I was 18.

I remember well how I could play three 90 minute matches in one weekend – how times have changed :-)


Annie said...

I take great pleasure in watching you kick balls.

Trevor Gay said...

There is just no answer to that darling :-)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha I don't know how to follow that.
You are so right about the recovery time. I play competitive volleyball. It is very difficult playing the younger guys. They have much more spring and bounce to them. We play on saturdays. sundays are genrally used for squeaking around the house and laying on the sofa. I am getting better, but just do not rebound like I did at 25-30. it is still a rush to compete although not nearly as well as I used to.

Trevor Gay said...

I can relate to that Rocky :-)

Despite the aches and pains the fact that you are still playing is the first step to a longer life!