Monday, February 07, 2005

Richard Branson - style, charisma and common sense

I visited a Virgin fitness centre over the weekend and it got me thinking about Richard Branson.

The place was different to the average health club/fitness centre.

The staff all seemed as if they really wanted to be there and could not have been more helpful. The place was immaculate and quality oozed through every aspect.

I am pretty sure the influence of Richard Branson is felt at the sharp end of any Virgin enterprise - whether that be Virgin trains, Virgin planes, Virgin fitness clubs or Virgin record stores.

The man definitely has something about him that runs through his businesses.

Well done Richard Branson I say - great that you are British! - let us all be proud of that and Richard .....please keep up the good work.


Troy Worman said...

I like Richard. Not because he is British. Because he is unique. Not that there is anything wrong with being British. But it is a lot to overcome. :)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Troy - when we Brits have someone who is a world Icon we need to celebrate the fact! - forgive me for British indulgence my friend


Trevor Gay said...
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