Friday, February 25, 2005

Back online what a relief!!!

The great news is we got the landline fixed and we are now back online - thanks British Telecom.

Having said that ...... we were very unhappy cusotmers when we were was told an engineeer would call on Wednesday between 8 am and 1 pm.

No one arived and I had to phone at 1.30 pm to find out why.

When we eventually got through the pre-recorded messages to a human being I was told the information we were originally given was wrong and an engineeer did not need to come to the house after all ....

Sadly no one in BT thought to tell us that ... well ...what more should we expect .... we are only the customers after all.

The workmen digging up the road obviously must have fractured some telecom lines as many people in the street were apprently simliarly affected.

It is amazing how reliant we have become on e mail and the web generally.

Of course I survived for the last three days .... but God ..... do I miss the web or what!!!

It was great to be able to catch up on the e mails that had build up in my inbox and things are now buzzing again.

Paradoxically it enabled me to catch up on some work I could do off-line and that feels better - so I guess every cloud does have a silver lining.

Now I have to visit the many blogs I read to catch up on what I have missed for the last three days.

Happy Friday!!!


Anonymous said...

To continue Trevor's story about the faulty telephone line.... Today he phoned British Telecom AGAIN to find out what was happening, when a lady at the other end of the phone said "At this very moment, Sir, an engineer is working in your road up a pole called Geoffrey. Trevor, with his razor sharp wit replied, "that's a funny name for a pole."

Troy Worman said...

Welcome back!