Tuesday, February 15, 2005

EUREKA!!! - Men and Women ARE Different!

Happy Valentine's Story! ... I think!

Yesterday on Valentines Day I had the most fantastic example to underline Barbara and Allan Pease wonderful book - 'Why men don't listen and women can't read maps''

My wonderful partner … and wife to be Annie …. decorated the lounge with four huge red balloons yesterday morning to celebrate Valentines day – a fantastic and thoughtful gesture that sums Annie up well.

Although I was working at the PC in the lounge I didn’t notice the balloons for two hours until Annie told me!! – that was after I had not noticed earlier the other two balloons she had tied on to the light pull cord in the bedroom!! – I didn’t notice those two till I went to switch on the light!!!

Annie later showed me the letter received from the local council about some road works that would cause some disruption in our street for a few weeks and I made a comment about the name of the guy writing the letter – his surname was PLANT and it just struck me that was ironic when talking about road works and heavy equipment being in the road!!

Annie said "How come you notice that detail …but didn’t notice 6 huge red balloons!!!"

That is an absolutely true story word for word!! Another example about the difference in men and women.

The great news is … Annie still loves me … she is the most special person in my life ‘cos she knows me so well and always forgives my eccentricities!

We had a great Valentine's day by the way


Trevor Gay said...

Brilliant Ali - and I thought it was just me!!

Glad you like my Simplicity Blog - I will certainly take a look at your Blog.

Best wishes my friend


Trevor Gay said...

I like it Vinx

I am 53 and old enough not to get upset about my name - I am proud of it in fact - My Dad was a wonderful man and I am delighted to carry on his and his fathers family name.

Sadly the name 'Gay' now has a negative connection in some people's minds.

As far as I am concenred it matters not a jot - thanks for visiting my Simplicity blog :-) glad you enjoyed the story.