Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You're NEVER too old!

When I was 16 years old and just starting out on my career in healthcare I thought anyone who had reached 30 was pretty old; people of 40 were well past it and their ambition must have gone; if they were 50 they were old and looking forward to retirement therefore they were slowing down; anyone beyond 60 and still working was ancient, eccentric and needed to be pushed out.

Although now I feel pretty awful about it, those very discriminatory statements were fairly typical of me and my fellow teenagers.


Most of you will jump to the obvious conclusion that as I am now in my 55th year ‘He would say that wouldn’t he?’

You are right - Of course I have a personal interest in saying that people of my generation are ‘younger’ (emotionally if not chronologically) than when I was 16,


I genuinely believe they (we) are!!

I see absolutely no reason why I cannot be working productively and enthusiastically for many years to come. OK, I will probably be more selective about what work I actually do but I see no reason to suppose I won’t have the energy and mindset to try and make a difference in business, leadership and management well into my 70’s.

People who have worked in management positions for a few years offer terrific experience.


I think as we get older we must resist the temptation to rest on our laurels, because we have been round the block a few times, and simply say – ‘We have experience to offer’

Experience is not enough.

In addition we have to offer passion, enthusiasm, optimism, integrity, leadership and role-model behaviour. We also still need to retain within us a small bit of that rebellious teenager who wants to make a difference.

I love the quote generously given to me by one of my heroes 82 years young, Tony Benn;

“Having left Parliament to devote more time to politics I am free: Lots of experience and no personal ambition. I can't wait for April 3 2025 when I shall have completed my first hundred years and a new century of work begins” - Tony Benn

I’ll drink to that Tony!

By the way – The Tony Benn Diaries 2001–2007 that I am currently reading is a wonderful book.

Its title is ‘More Time for Politics’– loads of common sense, simplicity, integrity and passion from an inspiring man.

The book also reveals a lot about Tony Benn, the person, with many honest and intimate expressions of his feelings about his life and his family of which he is justifiably proud.


Dmitry Linkov said...

So inspiring! Superb approach to life. Keep on going!

I think that it's all in our heads. Some people will be more like vegetables in their 45, but others (like us) will change this world for sure!

Best wishes from Moscow! =)

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dmitry - hope you are well - belated Happy New Year - cold in Moscow I guess.

If I ever reach a point when my enthusiasm and passion has diminished to the extent that I didn't 'care' it will be time curl up and die. So I am set for another 50 years minimum :-)

Success Television said...

I couldn't agree more with you.

It's actually more liberating to be older because you have the wisdom to know what you want and you don't have all the time in the world to get it!

I thought you'd like this video of Anita Roddick!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for the link to the Anita Roddick interview. If you have read any previous postings on my Blog you will know my opinion that Anita is one of the greatest ever leadership icons in business. It is so tragic that she died so young.

I’m impressed with your ‘Success Television’ presentation and the quality of the product – Do tell me more - Where are you based?

Marilyn said...


Again, you have hit upon the value of a life purpose. Those of us lucky enough to discover what that purpose is flourish throughout our life, however long (Tony Benn) or short (Anita Roddick) that is.

This has nothing to do with simply living a long time. Believe me, my work in long term care facilities has taught me that age itself has little to do with wisdom. It is that spark of curiosity, and rebellion, as you call it, that makes us alive, and fully human.

The opposite is also true--so many younger folks who are 'old' well before their bodies are. Brain cells thrive on stimulation and change. It is not to be feared, but rather to be embraced.

Great thoughts for the New Year.

Trevor Gay said...

‘A life purpose’ – an excellent expression Marilyn thank you. That is probably the nub of it.

If one has a ‘purpose’ then chronological age means nothing. It is merely a stake in the ground.

I was a great fan of Anita Roddick – it is so sad she has left us - she crammed more into her 65 years than most!

I intend – if God allows me - to be still rattling cages for many decades yet - I've only just started!

And of course I still want to manage and play in a 5 a side football (soccer) team of men over age 100!