Sunday, January 13, 2008

New York Times and Simplicity!

I was delighted to see that the world renowned New York Times featured my work and my book on January 8th as part of an article called ‘Good Boss Bad Boss’

Regular Simplicity Blog readers will remember I 'Blogged' about that back on 15th November 2007.

I am thrilled, needless to say.

here to read the article


steve said...

Congratulations! As self-motivated as many of us are, and must be, as independent consultants, recognition from such a highly respected institution is a welcomed affirmation. Well done.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Steve - appreciate your comments.

The 'plug' in NYT makes all the work that I sometimes think is not going to bear fruit seem worthwhile after all. It's good for my motivation.

Keep smiling :-)

Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, congratulations! This is well deserved... use this to get working on the next one to be picked up by either the NY Times or some other major outlet!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks a lot Steve - I would like to continue writing on the theme 'Good Boss Bad Boss' - it is a subject that has long fascinated me and is a variation on leadership.

Hope you are well - regards to you and your famly from Annie and me - have a great 2008.

David Wike said...

I once had a letter published in the Bromsgrove Advertiser … !

I’ve just returned from a session with my (wonderful) physiotherapist. This was only my second visit to her new premises. I said that I was impressed with the set-up, and that the waiting/reception area was really pleasant and a big improvement on the previous place.

Apparently though, her receptionist was concerned that she wasn’t able to get on with her work because patients chatted to her a lot. Catherine had reassured her that talking to patients was definitely OK, it was part of creating the right ambience, it was work. She went on to say that the receptionist’s job was much more difficult than hers as she had to juggle phone calls, people arriving at her desk, and all of the office admin, including invoicing and payments.

Good boss? You bet! And smart enough to realise that the ‘total experience’ is as important as the product itself.

Well done Trevor, and keep on writing …. Simply!

Dmitry Linkov said...

Wow Trevor! That's a great news!
My congratulations!

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Dmitry - I am very pleased.

David - thanks for best wishes. The physiotherapist has got it right and this stuff is of course not rocket science - it is simplicity personified. Look after your staff and your customers. Care for them and you will not go wrong. If you do these things the bottom line will look after itself.

Alex Bellinger said...

Congrats Trevor, what a great accolade. It's fascinating how often this type of apparent good luck comes to those people who a) put in the hard work b) keep the faith and c) deserve it!



Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Alex - that is very kind of you.

I do believe in serendipity and luck but mainly I believe that hard work, determination and never giving up provides appropriate rewards ultimately.

I like the look of your Audio Podcasts. Maybe we can we do something jointly let me know by e mail -

David Wike said...

Just to keep your fans up to date Trevor:

Trevor is now so used to rubbing shoulders with the great and the good (and politicians) that he forgot to mention that even the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, recognised him when they met for the third time on Friday!

I have suggested that Trevor gives him a copy of Simplicity is the Key, and hope that he reads it, takes the message on board, and that leads to a bit less government micro-management. We can always hope!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David

'Friends' or ‘colleagues’ but please …. not 'fans'

I think Mr Brown has more pressing priorities and in any case - he wouldn’t have time to read the book - even though it can be read in an afternoon over a nice bottle of Australian Red :-)

Gabe said...

Fantastic Trevor! You ROCK! The New York Times, huh. Whoa!

Trevor Gay said...

Cheers Gabe - kind of you to call in at Simplicity Blog - hope you are keeping well! Greetings from the right hand side of the pond.