Friday, January 18, 2008

Countdown to The Eagles - 23rd March

We’ve just bought two tickets for The Eagles at the O2 Arena, London on Sunday March 23rd!!

The Eagles are launching their world tour with four dates in London in March and tickets went on sale today. Judging by The Eagles last tour in Britain in 2006 tickets will be sold out within a couple of days.

After a heart to heart with my darling Annie, convincing her that it will be a good idea to part with £159, I did the deed, went online and hey presto the tickets are on their way!!!

Having waited over 30 years to see The Eagles perform live I will now have seen them twice in two years!!

Thank you darling … I promise you will enjoy it … really you will ….


Annie said...

I like the way you've written "WE'VE just bought tickets....." I had nothing to do with it!!
So does this mean I have to go and see them as well as listen to them playing in the background 24 hours a day?
Can't wait.

Trevor Gay said...

It was a joint decision honest hon ... you remember ... I told you when you woke up :-)

David Wike said...

Gordon Bennett! How much?!!! Do you realise that you could hear great music for that much, and still have enough left for a pre-concert meal! And you’d only have to travel just up the road to Birmingham to Symphony Hall, one of the world’s great concert venues, to be able to listen to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, which is world class.

Any more newspaper stories coming up, or radio or TV appearance, after all the excitement of the last couple of weeks?

Trevor Gay said...

Hi David - our tickets were the cheapest - the most expensive are £115 each. If I liked the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, as much as I like The Eagles I guess I would pay the going rate. Interestingly enough I’m pretty certain the 4 Eagles concerts in March at the O2 Arena will all be ‘sold out’ by tomorrow – just three days after going on sale ... so it's nice to know I am not alone. The market obviously dictates.

Thanks for asking about the NYT article. There’s been a bit of interest from professional journals and one local newspaper. E mails are still trickling through at a steady rate.

The article in the NYT has been picked up by a number of Blogs both over here and in the States. I have set up Google alerts so I am monitoring follow up.

And of course Man United are now 15 points ahead of Liverpool :-)