Thursday, January 17, 2008

Question Time

We are looking forward to taking part in tonight’s Question Time on BBC1 from Coventry. Annie and I are both going to be members of the audience having gone through the BBC recruitment process. We had to submit a question in advance by email and take another question with us tonight.

Should be good fun.

here to see more about tonight’s programme and details of the panel.

The programme is to be broadcast on BBC1 at 10.30 tonight


tomjam said...

Hi Trevor

I'll be watching tonight and will eagerly anticipate seeing Annie and yourself in the audience.

You're certainly making your presence felt at the moment. Good for you!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi tomjam - Happy New Year to you and yours - hope you are well.

It was a great experience and thoroughly enjoyable. The panel was - in my humble opinion - a little lightweight politically and David Dimbleby was excellent – a superb professional at his business.

We enjoyed it and managed to just get home in time to watch the programme at 10.35....