Friday, January 18, 2008

Question Time feedback

Question Time summary from my own selfish perspective:

Jacquie Smith – The Home Secretary did herself no favours. She waffled through many answers and rarely gave it straight. Mind you that qualification seems to be the way to advance in modern day politics. I have been a proud Labour supporter all my voting life, and I’m so sorry to say this, but people like her put doubts in my mind!

Liam Fox – Conservative Shadow Defence Minister – he was even less decisive and the line he walked reminded me of the line walked by a drunk in the early hours of a Saturday morning in Coventry City centre. I ask myself, would I want him to be in charge of defence if Britain is ever invaded? …. Maybe ‘de’ garden fence but that’s about all!

Kevin Maguire - Daily Mirror Political editor. At least he was honest and the closest to reality of the five panel members by a mile. He kept it simple and was persuasive. He was far and away the best of the bunch.

Chris Huhne - Liberal Democrat deputy leader. I thought he was the best of the four politicians and I was impressed. I knew very little of him before last night but he has definitely made an impression on me

Louise Bagshawe – Author and Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Corby. She was right of Genghis Kahn in respect of ‘sorting out’ children who step out of line at school - kids that sound pretty normal to me actually. If she stood as the only candidate in Britain I would vote for someone else. She seems to think the solution to any child misbehaving at school is instant expulsion. Maybe she could just perhaps ask some of the children excluded why it happened rather than make statements about what 'punishment' they deserve.

Overall feeling – Annie and I both enjoyed the experience of being audience member on Question Time and David Dimbleby as Chairman was excellent – 10 out of 10 for him.

As for three of the four politicians (Chris Huhne excluded) … what a dull zero-charisma lot they are.

If only someone like Tony Benn could have been there to rattle a few cages and tell a few truths … at least there would have been some raw emotion and passion.

If this three are among the elite, or up and coming, of our current politicians in Britain then I say God help us.

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