Monday, January 07, 2008

The same old, same old .....

And so a new year back at work starts in earnest today.

Have you noticed that when the pressure is on politicians in Britain they always fall back on the good old NHS to score them a few points with the public?

Anyone with an IQ above freezing point will realise it’s not a co-incidence that as Gordon Brown struggles to establish himself with voters he turns to the NHS to boost his popularity with voters.

Today Mr Brown tells us that patients will be given the opportunity to have screening if they are concerned about any aspect of their health - for instance heart disease.

Don’t get me wrong I welcome such initiatives because I have argued for over 20 years the government must spend more money on ill-health prevention and promotion of good health.

And this not a slur on Gordon Brown – I like the man and I am life long supporter of the Labour Party.

What irritates me is the blatant use of the NHS for political ends when it suits politicians. It’s the same old stale politics I’m afraid.

Where are the new exciting politicians in Britain - or even just someone with a personality?!!

I don’t see a single MP who makes me feel that 2008 will be any different than the same old drab, stale politics?

I hope I am wrong.


progmanager said...

The thing that really peeved me this morning was why did we have to hear Brown talking about this when he has Alan Johnson, who is a perfectly capable Minister with responsibility for Health, to lead on this?

I met Johnson last year and was very impressed with him. However I think he has been out manoeuvred in the politics of labour party leadership - shipped from Trade and Industry to Education to Health and now kept in the shadows.

Trevor Gay said...

I agree. Alan Johnson is a very capable Secretary of State for Health and an excellent communicator.

Mr Brown is not a good communicator in the national media. I had the good fortune to meet him twice in 2007 and in a small group he seemed both affable and empathetic.