Friday, September 01, 2006

'White Van Man' for the Day!!!

The picture is not me by the way - it is by courtesy of Google Images!!!

Isn’t it great when you do something completely different from your normal day to day work? Today I was ‘white van man’ as Annie and I spent the day clearing the garage at the old house and taking rubbish to the Local Authority tip in a Ford Transit – wonderful feeling!!!

There is something rather nice about becoming ‘someone else’ for the day and this was certainly different to our normal day.

We both found 'dumping' all the stuff somehow invigorating – are we the only two who enjoy this activity ?

I have never been a ‘hoarder’ but I know many people have real trouble ‘letting go’ of stuff.

Two years ago I left Torquay after 22 years to move to Solihull to be with Annie. My entire worldly belongings fitted into my tiny Renault Clio which also had me and Annie inside ... oh ... and my golf clubs of course :-)


Karen said...

I just found your blog following a convoluted trail this morning. Good stuff. Simplicity is one of my biggies - and yes, I too get a real energy buzz from dumping stuff.

Actually that's what I am doing today - clearing out my home office, amazing what has collected in here!

Trevor Gay said...

Hello Karen - good to know you too are an advocate for simplicity. Just think how easier the world of work would be if the other 95% of managers felt the same.

Maybe the 'throwing out' thing has important meaning - it is in some way a final 'goodbye' to the past ...

Antonio said...

Hey guys,
Very often we do not notice that we are becoming 'hoarder' of our own stuff, and when the time is coming to throw them away, it is a really difficult to move them and you have to hire a van man, who for a small fee can help you. Last week me and my wife also found dumping the stuff exhilarating!!