Monday, September 18, 2006

At last - Truly GREAT 'customer' care!!

I have long been outspoken about the total lack of real ‘care’ and responsiveness to customers from business. I am therefore delighted to redress the balance today.

My greatest criticism is the total lack of concern and response from companies when customers have genuine questions or indeed criticism.

In my experience most companies just don’t ‘get it’ about customer care and they hide behind corporate defensiveness and complex language …. Or even worse ….. They don’t even bother to respond at all.

This morning I was surprised and delighted to receive a personal phone call from Duncan Bannatyne, the Owner of Bannatynes Health Clubs, a National Chain in the UK with 60 Health Clubs and over 180,000 members.

His phone call followed an e–mail I sent to him just two days ago with a couple of questions as a paying customer of a Bannatyne Health Club.

The fact that Mr Bannatyne personally found the time and interest in his busy schedule to respond to me within 48 hours on an individual basis means that my feeling about the Health Club goes up.

Come on!! This is not rocket science!!

When someone 'at the top' is responsive to customers then customers are likely to feel good about the product; remain loyal and spread the good news – just like I am now doing.

Mr Bannatyne also said that if there are future issues of concern I can write to him direct. That is excellent service and the sort of role model I have advocated for leadership for many years.

All it takes is for the top people to show that level of interest and care for their customers.

It really is that simple - thank you again Mr Bannatyne!

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