Friday, September 22, 2006

The Nine Fruits of Leadership

I am delighted to say my new – and very brief book - The Nine Fruits of Leadership is published. More details here

This is a short, reflective piece about how managers and leaders can take our Christian beliefs to work. It intrigues and confuses me how some argue we must leave our faith ‘at the door’ of our place of work and become ‘someone else’ while we are at work. This makes no sense to me.

The nine fruits are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

These will instantly be recognised by leaders and managers as what is often called the ‘soft side’ of management and leadership. My belief has always been that to achieve lasting success it is more important to focus on the ‘softer’ values than their opposites – often refered to as the ‘harder’ aspects which are sadly more ‘fashionable.’

I believe it is much more difficult and challenging to lead and manage using the ‘softer’ approach than the ‘hard’ approach which I have always regarded as the simple option.

The Nine Fruits of Leadership will be followed by 9 small pocket books (each on one of the fruits). These will be written with my two writing partners Felix Gerena from the Basque Country, Spain and Roger (Rocky) Noe from Kentucky, USA through our own publishing brand Sweet Friendships. Each of us will write three pocket books.

An exciting project that we look forward to completing in the next three months. This is our second collection under the Sweet Friendships brand after our recent book Three Amigos with One Message.

Felix, Rocky and I want talk to anyone interested in hosting a workshop about how three people from different continents and separated by thousands of miles, and who have never met, can collaborate ‘virtually’ to plan, write and publish a number of books.

By Christmas 2006 we will have collaborated to write at least 11 books (and possibly more) in 18 months. If anyone out there is interested in hosting a learning workshop about innovation and making things happen in our ‘virtual’ world then get in touch – we want to spread the learning.


Rocky Noe said...

Good stuff Trevor. Keep moving and Rattling Cages.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - and you :-)

Ed Brenegar said...

I commend you guys for making something happen with your friendship. Thanks for the encouragement.

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you Ed - friendship can be achieved, sustained and nurtured thus growing if the will and trust exists. Distance is no object if the heart is in it.

/pd said...

"learning workshop about innovation and making things happen in our ‘virtual’ world"

I think a book on collbrative innovations in virtual worlds will be a good thing.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Peter - The Three of us do want to write about our virtual collaborative project as a book and we are very keen to run workhops/seminars as well in any part of the world - any suggestions?

Darren Mallory said...


Nice blog very informative. Hope you don't mind but i have bookmarked it.

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Trevor Gay said...

Thank Darren - great to welcome you aboard the good ship Simplicity. Delighted you have bookmarked Simplicity - tell your friends :-)