Friday, September 08, 2006

Go on your terms Mr Blair

It’s pretty obvious that the knives are out among senior Government Ministers to force Tony Blair to leave office when clearly the man does not want to go until he chooses the day.

Politics is not that much different to work settings and during my career in healthcare management it was usually clear who was stabbing who in the back as people jostled for position during re-organisations. It is a sort of game.

What is particularly ironic is that the most senior people are the ones who usually proclaim how they will deal with change sensitively. Yet when Mr Blair wants to be allowed to make his own decision about the right time to go all that supposed sensitivity goes out of the window and there is implicit and sometimes explicit pressure for him to go.

I think if I were in his position I would go now because otherwise I can visualise a repeat of those embarrassing and indeed sad scenes when Margaret Thatcher left 10 Downing Street in tears all those years ago.

Go now on your own terms Mr Blair before you leave on others’ terms.

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