Sunday, September 03, 2006

Read Dan's book in 2 hours

I’ve just read a fabulous new little book in a couple of hours – just my kind of book!

The book is written by my friend Dan Ward in America and is called ‘The Desert and other Good Stories’

Dan, a fellow Christian, says his book aims to ‘present stories and reflections about the Good News in new and memorable ways.’

If you are a Christian then you will find the book re-assuring, amusing, powerful and yet simple. If you are not a believer, not a Christian or if you have another faith I am sure you will find the book worth reading.

As I was reading Dan’s book it occurred to me how humble we should always be given that we are always loved by God and always forgiven whatever our faults and sins.

Dan and I enjoy a mutual interest in simplicity and I highly recommend this book which you can see more about and that you can order by clicking here.


Dan Ward said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Trevor! I had a great time writing The Desert and am so happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Trevor Gay said...

It's a pleasure Dan - looking forward to the follow up already!