Sunday, September 24, 2006

Time to Savour a victory over our friends in America!

Biggest cheer of the day went to Darren Clarke, who broke down in tears after beating Zach Johnson 3&2

It was just wonderful to see Europe win the Ryder Cup for the third successive time.

It is not often we beat the United States so comprehensively in any sport so I hope my friends on the left hand side of the pond excuse me for making the most of this rare experience

Surely the most poignant thing was to see Darren Clarke win so soon after the tragic death of his wife who sadly lost her battle against Cancer.

Well done Darren, well done Europe - we will savour this.


Mike Gardner said...

You know why they called it "golf" don't you? Because all the other four-letter words were already taken! (Four-letter word: an Americanism for foul language) Mark Twain wrote that golf was "a good walk--spoiled!" I used to love the game and hate it at the same time. I took the cure (bad back) and have not regretted giving it up.

Still--congratulations on the Ryder Threepeat.

Now if you Brits could only learn how to play real football...

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike

Now now ... we invented real 'football' as well.

Golf is a fabulous game - the most frustrating sport I have ever played. The European team seems to have the upper hand over you guys at present .. maybe you can do it next time ...