Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ONE - A Consumer Revolution for Business!

I’ve just finished reading ONE - A Consumer Revolution for Business! by Stefan Engeseth from Sweden.

Stefan argues – and I am 100% with him – that ‘lines’ drawn between customers and businesses are artificial and completely unnecessary. He argues persuasively that customers should be partners rather than being ‘outside’ the company. It will lead to more innovation, greater loyalty and more profit. Business and customers need to become ‘ONE.’

I have argued long and hard that patients should have far more say in the UK National Health Service and so the book is music to my ears. As far as I am concerned Stefan is preaching to the converted but I fear we are still a minority voice.

Stefan and I also share the view that the internet is forcing transparency which of course has not existed for decades. We all know that there are things the customer has not been privileged to know. Customers now have masses of information at their fingertips through keyboards connected to every corner of the world, meaning they are better informed; have more choice; and can force business to become more 'customer friendly.'

As always business has a choice. They can ignore the fact that customers are now in charge but that is probably a guarantee of death in the short or medium term. Or they can embrace the new customer, welcome them in and thrive.

The book is packed with innovative examples where this concept of ‘ONE’ is already happening successfully and there are some wonderful practical ideas in Stefan’s book.

I recommend 'ONE' highly.

You can see more about the book here

Stefan’s Website is here


Gilles Martin said...

I don't know if you can read french, but I also loved that book, and made apost on my blog. You can translate it with Google i presume.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks you Gilles - your English is better than my French - I am ashamed to say!

Stefan's book 'ONE' is excellent - I loved it's simplicity most of all!