Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Delight your customers

I am sure I am not the only one who notices these things.

It seems to me some people who deal with customers at the front line have that certain something that makes them present themselves with an air of happiness, a smile, friendliness and brilliant efficiency...

……And then there are those that are very efficient but cold and in need of a personality transplant...

…..And then there are those that I can only assume have been recruited because of their total eccentricity and complete lack of personal or social skills - These are the ‘joke folks’ who must have been recruited by a Psychopathic boss.

Ok I accept those are sweeping and exaggerated generalisations.

But I have commented recently on numerous occasions about (to me anyway) the total unsuitability of some people to be in front line customer positions.

Round pegs in square holes comes to mind.

I would have thought that if you own a business and you want to present a good image of yourself then the most important people representing you are the staff inter-acting with your customers.

Whether this is a mega-big company or a sandwich shop down the road makes no difference.

I think the well informed customer of 2005 expects and deserves to be treated in a special way.

Frankly in many places I have visited I would not employ some of the people I have had the ‘pleasure’ of being served by in the last few months. That is the down side.

The upside is there are many wonderful, caring, happy, smiley folks at the front line doing fantastic work delighting customers – let’s have more of them please.


Omara said...

You'll enjoy this one Trevor:
"In theory the customer is the king, what happens is that many organizations are republican" :-)

-from the fantastic book "1001 quotes from the sacred cows of the communication" by my very respected Jordi Garriga Puig-.

Trevor Gay said...

Wonderful - I love it Omara - maybe I should buy the book

I like this one too:

Rule A

The customer is always right

Rule B

If the customer is wrong - refer to Rule A

Rocky said...

I got a real laugh from this post. I will use it many times. thanks.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky

Have you ever seen Fawlty Towers? -It is a TV sit-com in England from the 1970's starring John Cleese.

Cleese plays the part of Basil Fawlty the owner of a hotel in Torquay, England and if you want a great laugh about customer care you must watch it - let me know.

Omara said...

Re. this book is very cool stuff, a jewel. I feel lucky that I found it like in a casual way just because it looked fun; then I discovered it's also a must for advertising matters. Really really good. I'll go for it with no hesitation!