Saturday, August 06, 2005

Good to be back..... I think

The most fabulous thing about going away is that feeling of ‘no responsibility’ other than enjoying some time away with the most special person in your life.

Annie and I had a fabulous break in the Channel Islands for the last week and we enjoyed every second.

One of the highlights has to be when I went to sit on my seat on the bus and found to my surprise that the seat had flipped up and folded into the side panel.

I am sure I looked very undignified on the floor of the bus - flat on my back with the enormous back pack I was carrying on top of me.

It made the 20 or so passengers smile and therefore I consider I did my bit for those who were maybe not feeling too happy that morning. Annie and I laughed so much we hurt physically!

Unfortunately the 'coming home' and 'getting back into the routine bit’ is always a challenge. The inbox is full and it takes ages to catch up.

Never mind ... Annie and I are eagerly looking forward now to our next break.


Rocky said...

Good to have you back. i am glad you had a good time. it is always good to get a break with those you care about. Our most important and precious comodity is time. it appears yours was well spent.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks Rocky - and as always you are right about the special feeling of being with someone you care about :-)