Sunday, August 21, 2005

Reflections on Dublin Airport

How is it the same people who spend millions of pounds upgrading airports then have speaker systems that either;

1 Cannot be heard in parts of the building?


2 Are used by staff who seem unable to string together more than two words that customers can understand?

Also …. Why are customers asked to board the plane and then asked to stand in a queue for twenty minutes outside the boarding gate with no explanation of why that is? Or how long you are going to wait?

Not only that, there was uncertainty about which queue we were supposed to be in – there were two queues and frankly nobody seemed very sure of which queue they were supposed to be in.

Maybe we just chose a bad day (I don’t think so)

The joys of customer care.


Rocky said...

First of all I hope your trip in general was a good ojne. I am sure it was exciting to meet up with Brian And Judy. As for the experience of the airport I think it these kind of excentricities that help us to really appreciate the simple things in life. a beautiful sunset/sunrise, afull moon, acool breeze on a warm night. Try as we may, we cannot seem to find a way to mess these things up.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Rocky - you are right of course - although I suspect maybe some airport planners could even screw up the most wonderful sunset :-)

It was great to meet up with Brian and Judy and we will tell you more about it soon.