Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Roller Skating Birthday

For Annie's birthday we had a fabulous day together yesterday culminating in a visit to the theatre last evening in Birmingham to watch Starlight Express, an Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical on Roller Skates!

'Awesome' is the only word to describe it.

Neither Annie or I knew anything about it before we went but it left a great impression on us - to such an extent we are going to go to the roller skating rink if we can find one.

Not to become stage stars of course - simply as another hobby!

Thank you Annie for a lovely day and I look forward to the next 50 years with you - maybe we will spend your next birthday on Roller Skates :-)


Omara said...

Please, pass on my belated birthday wishes to Annie and let her know she doesn't appear to be the age you mentioned. I already think she must be quite exceptional for being able to maintain such a healthy relationship and get the best of you.


Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Omara - I am sure Annie will respond to you herself.

Annie is quite simply the reason I am happier in my life than ever before.

You are absolutely right - Annie is exceptional.

Annie said...

Omara, did Trevor publish my birth certificate age?!!! I must have missed that! Actually I was born on Princess Anne's 10th birthday. That makes me 45 and her.. quite a bit older! Actually, Trev and I did some tests recently to establish our 'real' ages, according to our fitness/diet and family illness etc. Trev came out 2 years younger (51) and me 41.

Try the test if you've got 10 minutes


Bless you Omara - you sound a lovely person.

Mike said...

Ah, 45. Congrats Annie. I, too will hit that number in exactly one month. I knew that old fart Trevor was a cradle robber!

Trevor Gay said...

Thank you for that wonderful comment Mike ... and I thought you were my friend - you really know how to hurt a man!!

Annie obviously has great taste in men and wine - mature is always better :-)

Annie said...

In your case, definitely darling x