Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stress Relief!!

Having today spent 7 hours driving and travelling 320 miles - constantly frustrated by either road works or other problems on the road I am more convinced than ever that we must do something positive about improving public transport in England.

If it were not for the sheer impracticality of getting to some places by train I would use railways all the time for inland travel.

The best solution to such a stressful day may not necesarily be a bottle of chilled white or a warm red but that is my proposed solution - the diet can wait another day - I am off to the Off-Licence!!


Mike said...

Don't second-guess yourself, just enjoy the grape. If it wasn't one of the best ways to reduce stress, do you think it would have been used for so many centuries? There is even a respected historical thesis that agriculture was adopted by the earliest civilizations to support the production of beer and wine--not that barley and grapes were a result of agriculture. I think mankind had it's priorities straight all along!

Trevor Gay said...

Amen to that Mike :-)

And the wine - we chose Red - was wonderful