Saturday, August 27, 2005

As if by magic the computer came back from dead!

Great news - our technology is working again :-)

Annie and I have recovered from high stress levels caused by missing our computers and the consequent frustrating visits to our local library to use slow computers.
Watching paint dry springs to mind.

Isn’t it amazing how impatient we computer users have become with the slow speed of older computers when only a few years ago that was considered ‘quick?’

We had a power cut during the week and it seems the telephone line was adversely affected in a big way.

I had lots of phone calls with many skilled and knowledgeable young people who spoke a language called IT Speak - I am sure these people are from another Galaxy.

They talked intelligently about such things as 'synchronicity of ISP providers', 'whoosh attenuation tests' and other mysterious words and terms. I nodded and made the right grunting noises at the appropriate time I think – trying to reassure them there words were not falling on deaf ears. I am not sure I succeeded in convincing them!

One day I hope to visit their Galaxy.

And then .... As if by magic the Belkin wireless router starting working again for no obvious reason.

Despite all the mystical words I prefer to believe it was simply a case of waiting for things to settle down after the power cut. Maybe God took a hand as well :-)

Anyway it is great to have full IT services resumed again and I will be posting normally from now.

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