Friday, August 12, 2005

Check, re-check and then check again!

I recently wrote an e mail to Central Trains head office customer services complimenting a brilliant helpful young man behind the ticket desk at my local rail station.

After a month the lad had not received the 'thank you' from his manager despite me being told customer services had passed my compliment to the manager responsible to pass on to the worker.

Waht made me check up? .....I had a feeling - just an instinct - YOU KNOW HOW IT IS - the manager had not passed it on so I just asked the lad DIRECT and he knew nothing about what the hell I was talking about. I am not sure who was more embarrased him or me!!

I wrote an angry second e mail and was reassured the manager would be told to pass on the praise.

I will ask again, but for God sake, my point is, I shouldn't have to ask should I?

With all the complaints there are about rail services - it is surely not too much trouble for a manager to take time out to pass on a customer 'thank you' to someone at the front line is it ...maybe I am just an idealist .. I don't think so - this is just simple good manners, common sense and good management.

Sad to say - check, re-check, and re check is something that I feel I just have to do these days more than ever before.

My serious question is .... WHY????

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