Thursday, July 21, 2005

Overcoming negative thoughts

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The following piece came though to me the other day from 'Unstoppable' and I thought how remarkably simple and yet how effective this can be in a variety of settings both work and personal. I like it.

Use the STOP acronym.

The moment you catch yourself repeating the same negative thoughts over and over in your mind, use the STOP acronym.

Research shows that people who receive positive distractions for just eight minutes show a remarkable change in their moods and in breaking the cycle of repetitive thought.

S-Say the word STOP to interrupt your internal destructive thoughts. Tell yourself firmly to "STOP" over thinking.

T-TAKE a deep breath. Then, take a break: Go for a walk or a hike, read a great book, listen to your favorite music. Do something to take your attention away from over thinking and, if possible, to change the environment.

O-Focus on the OUTCOME of your 30-Day Goal. Affirm why you are committed to your goal.

P-PRAISE and acknowledge yourself for the progress you are making. Remember, you're looking for progress, not perfection!

It would have been a great little plan when I gave up smoking 18 months ago! .... although I guess we all sort of do this in our own way.

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