Monday, July 18, 2005

Errrr ...Sorry? ....What was that?

I love Simplicity.

I just read an advert for a job in the National Health Service.

Here is an extract from the advertisement:

'..... Having been a HISS Pilot site, we now operate in a new PFI hospital with a modern network, HISS and PACS and a wide range of supporting IT systems. Committed to NPfIT, we look forward to being among the early implementers of CRS ....'

Ten points to anyone who can explain that to me in English?


Andy said...


Still not happy with IT I see !!!

Not sure of the problem as the statement is quite clearly saying, that this is modern hospital which has an information system that is now fully operational, following an intial pilot phase, working on up to date modern technology. They have filmless x-rays and other computer systems to support their patients and staff. They are committed to the new National IT project, and will be the amongst the first to implement the new national IT system !

Interesting question for me is whether this a problem with language or not ?

On the one hand, this seems to be full of acronyms and almost incomprehensible to some. On the other hand, for those in IT in the NHS to whom the advert is probably aimed, it is perfectly understandable and sets out thier position quite well.

So is this poor communication or well targetted communication. Leave that for you to decide.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Andy - great to hear from you

I love IT - Some of my best friends are in IT.

You will be delighted to know I have at long last mastered the slide rule on my list is the manual typewriter and then the massive step to the FAX :-)

You are right of course.

Those with an interest in that type of job will clearly know the acronymns. I guess that makes it effective and targeted communication.

However I still prefer your interpretation of the advert - I think my mum might understand your words ...but at 76 years of age I guess she may not be interested in the job :-) ... she doesn't have enough acronyms in her qualifications.

Hope you are well and still rattling the cage - let me know how things are going with you