Wednesday, July 27, 2005

100 and going strong

I love Simplicity

In my 35 year career in the National Health Service I read numerous documents that explained how life expectancy is getting longer in the UK.

Usually the documents I read were complex, academic pieces of work that were cumbersome and full of complicated words. Not exactly reader friendly to the average person.

Yesterday it was explained very simply and vividly by Harry Cayton from the Department of Health during a healthcare conference we were working at.

Harry is a high flier but I love his simplistic approach and the language he uses. If you get a chance to see one of his speeches – don’t miss the opportunity

Harry said:

In 1952 Queen Elizabeth sent 102 telegrams to people in the United Kingdom who had reached to milestone of 100 years of age.

In 2002 – fifty years later - the Queen sent over 1000 telegrams to those reaching their century.

Here’s to the next 47 years of my life with Annie I say – we both hope to get telegrams.

I guess they won’t be sent by Queen Elizabeth … but then again …who knows?

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