Friday, July 22, 2005

Good to be home

I had a very interesting day yesterday and was delighted to get home.

I had to go to central London on business and at 12.50 pm I took the tube from Marylebone Station heading to Warren Street Station.

I got as far as Baker Street where the train stopped.

An announcement was made that there was a security alert and all passengers should get off. I got a taxi to my destination which was just 100 yards from Warren Street Station where a bomb had been discovered but thankfully did not explode properly.

It became clear very quickly that we were in the middle of another bombing outrage in London with four attempted bombings on tubes and buses – two weeks after the previous horror bombings.

In many ways it was quite surreal.

Everyone seemed to be on their mobile phones ringing families no doubt and at some points the network was too busy to cope.

My business meeting went on as outside the building there were non stop sounds of sirens and the police presence was awesome – I have never seen so many in one place.

My overriding impression was the wonderful way that people seemed to just get on with life as all this pandemonium was going on around them.

There was definitely a nervous atmosphere as I walked up the street after my meeting to catch my train back home.

Whilst everyone was busily getting on with their lives one had the feeling there was an underlying feeling of anxiety, but there was certainly no panic.

Sometimes life is really spooky – let's just thank God the four devices did not explode properly.


Catpain Blackudder said...

According to the folks at Radio Free London, it's possible that 'Allah didn't want them'... not sure if this is the funniest or the most offensive thing I've ever heard... links to a mp3 of the radio show last night

Trevor Gay said...

Mmmm interesting ... I have listened to bits of that ... I am like you ...can't make up my mind whether I am offended or not!!!

Thank for that