Thursday, July 07, 2005

Isn't life strange?

Twenty four hours ago I posted the 'wonderful news' about London's successful bid for the Olympic Games in 2012.

Less than a day later I am watching on television, the horror unfolding of the London Bombings and I realise how life is so unpredictable and so fragile.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone must be with those affected by these apalling events.


felix gerena said...

I feel very touched by the news in London, Trevor. It´s terrible. I hope we can beat this plague with patience and persistence.

Trevor Gay said...

It is ironic you and I were talking about this type of terrorism yesterday Felix - our prayers must be for those affected :-)

Mike said...

Prayers from me, too. We can beat this plague with patience, persistence, and a relentless will to find every terrorist rat in his junkyard hole and smoke him out.

And..we shall.

Trevor Gay said...

Amen to that Mike

CCz said...

Prayers from me, too. My solidarity with all the victims and their relatives.

Mike said...

We are five hours behind London here and the evening news-talk programs on the satellite are emphasizing the cool and efficient reaction of the London police, fire, hospitals, and other emergency response crews. Their quick action and level-headed attitudes undoubtedly saved many more lives. Well done!

This afternoon on BBC World Service a lady interviewed the managing director of the London Underground--a man named Tim O'Toole. Mr. O'Toole sounded very American on the radio, despite the Irish name. Is he an American? Just curious.

Take care and keep the faith. Good always triumphs in the end.

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Mike

Tim O'Toole is from America - you can see more about him at this link

He seems to come over very well in the media.

Good will always triumpn over evil and Britain is wonderful when faced with evil challenge.

The people of London and our wonderful emergency services responded magnificently.

Already London is getting back to normal.

I am proud of my British heritage and the world of freedom we now enjoy in western culture in 2005 owes much to Britain's refusal to bow to evil in 1939-45.

Despite any other problems we may have in our wonderful island, Britain is at its best when faced with challenges to freedom.