Thursday, July 28, 2005

Blogs - more power to them I say!

Tom Peters – without a doubt the most influential figure in the world of management and business in the last 20 years has given a wonderful testimonial and reference to the value of Blogging on his own Tom Peters Blog

Tom regularly makes his own personal views known on the Blog and when he speaks the world of business and management tends to listen.

He reckons Blogs are the way forward in business and I agree with him.

Someone asked me a while ago what Blogs do for revenue of the business.
I think the answer is Blogs do nothing for revenue in themselves!

I think the relationships that I make through communicating with people from all parts of the planet may not result in any revenue generation but one thing it does is widen my thinking and puts me in touch with many wonderful people from different cultures to my own. That had got to be good learning. Without Blogs I certainly would not have exchanged such rich discussions over the last year or so that have enriched my learning.

I do not think Blogs are an overnight fad that will disappear. I believe they will go from strength to strength.

The world of management and business is changing just in case you hadn’t noticed and we just have to keep up with the pace of change.

Blogs are a superb way of making and expanding networks. Blogs in themselves are not a revenue earner – they are simply a way of making contacts. The generation of revenue still relies on nothing more complicated than hard work and always doing your homework. ‘Twas ever thus and Blogs do not take away the need to work hard.

It is rather like Microsoft PowerPoint – the technology to produce a slick and jazzy presentation does not mean that people will listen. Despite the best cutting edge technology the presenter has to have the ability to keep the audience awake!!


John O'Leary said...

Trevor, I confess I'm a recent convert to Bloggerland. I used to be intimidated to even RESPOND to a thread - as are many of my colleagues when I post a blog of my own. You DO run the risk of opening yourself up to a tirade of criticism, sometimes by people who haven't bothered to read your entire message, but it's great when you get a genuine transcontinental dialogue going. I appreciate your upbeat contributions to the blogs.

Trevor Gay said...

That is a great point John.

I have discovered that by saying it how you really feel can sometimes result in the sort of response that maybe you did not want or expect.

However as long as it is good natured argument and even constructive criticism that is fine.

I am lucky enough not to have had anything really personl or unkind so far in response to anything I have posted. I guess if I did I get that sort of thing I would just ignore it. There is absolutely no need to be personal or insulting on a Blog - indeed not in real life either in my view.

People who do that do not deserve the courtesy of our replies.

Brilliant to see you visit my Simplicity Blog and yes I too enjoy the Tom Peters discussion.

Keep rattling the cage John - I am away after today (Thursday) for a few days but hope to keep in touch if possible through TP Blog.

Noel Guinane said...

I agree with you Trevor, except for that unforgiveable reference to Powerpoint where I would say that a good presenter can be let down using PP and a bad presenter can drive people into a catatonic stupor, whereas with Apple's easy to use Keynote Presentation software, a good presenter is just plain outstanding and a bad presenter shifts from being unendurable to at least watchable : )

mike said...

Neither Keynote nor Powerpoint will make anyone appear better than they are at speaking or writing. They will only enhance the presentation if used correctly, or allow the bored to focus on something other than their shoes if used incorrectly.

Really, Noel, not everything boils down to an Apple vs Microsoft decision ;-)

I believe blogs will move from strength to strength as Trevor says, but I also believe the number will diminish. People can't sustain ten million blogs very long. Check out any blog roll and you will find many that havent' been updated in weeks. Many others are started on a whim and abandoned just as quickly. As with any other "product," quality will surface and thrive while cheap junk will die quickly.

Here's another thought on the subject from American author Willa Cather, who said once that "When young people ask me how to become writers I tell them DON'T! There are more than enough writers out there already. What the world needs are more READERS." (paraphrased)

Noel Guinane said...

Mike, it does in this house!

Agree that it's going to be all about quality, or at least what the market interprets as quality.