Monday, July 11, 2005

An interesting end to a tragic week

Annie and I were at a garden party on a beautiful Saturday evening on the outskirts of Birmingham. It was a lovely way to relax after a tragic week in Britain .... we thought!

At about 9 pm we heard about the bomb scare that resulted in the evacuation of 20,000 people from the heart of Birmingham. We were about five miles away.

It made our hearts skip a beat and you have to fear for the world when our freedom - hard fought for - is threatened by evil. I am so proud of my fellow Britains who have held their heads high this week in the face of evil.

The families and friends of the 49 confirmed dead - more likely to be closer to 80 do not deserve to be suffering the anguish they are now feeling.

The best thing to come from this tragic week has been to witness typical British strength and long may it remain. I am also pleased with the wonderful repsonse from our dear friend and allies all over the free world.

Together and with God's help we will triumph over evil.

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