Saturday, October 27, 2007


My darling wife Annie took this picture in the lounge on Friday evening as we ‘christened’ our newly delivered bar/display unit.

It brought back memories of my many hours spent as a barman earlier in my life!

This was a very nice Red Wine called Malbec 2006 from Argentina!


Marilyn Jess said...

Ah, Malbec. glorious wine. A great one to christen your new bar. What else is on those shelves?

Trevor Gay said...

We enjoyed that one thanks Marilyn .. and we might be tempted to try another different one tonight! The bottles you can see are all Red Wine ... a weakness of both Annie and I.

Annie G said...

Hello Marilyn,

The other bottles are a collection of red wines from around the world. My dad is a bit of a wine connoisseur and he manages to get a good discount for us!

Marilyn, I noticed that you are a dietician and I was wondering what your views are on drinking red wine because we get so many conflicting messages. Last year red wine (two glasses a day) was supposed to be beneficial to our health, providing anti-oxidants. The recent news tells us that this amount is just as bad as binge-drinking in the long-term! (I suppose it depends on the size of the glasses, lol) What do you think? Annie (Trevor's wife)

Anonymous said...

I love the red, too, but to really christen a new bar in Britain, you need a couple bottles of Old Speckled Hen or Tadcaster and maybe a nice single higland malt and a small bottle of John Jamesons, no?

Please tell me where you found such a lovely, functional, and vital piece of furniture. That's really nice.

Trevor Gay said...

Those other drinks are of course in the cupboard underneath Mike :-) Glad you like the furniture – we like it too. We got it from a furniture store not to far away.

Anonymous said...

Catching up:

Galloway – obnoxious!

Obesity and healthcare professionals – you really shouldn’t have had that side order of chips yesterday!

Bars – oh well, at least the red wine will counteract the cholesterol in the chips!

I keep my wine under the stairs – don’t want everyone to think I drink!

PS - Will you be getting a juke box to really remind you of your days as a barman?

Trevor Gay said...

George Galloway – interesting man – he usually generates extreme reactions i.e. admire or detest!

You are right about the chips – totally unnecessary! – Obesity is becoming a real challenge for our country. A healthy diet is simply about focus, will power and determination in my opinion.

I suspected you might be a secret drinker – you realise you have now told the world about your stash under the stairs!

Juke Box would be great idea – ‘The Eagles’ dawn to dusk … Sheer bliss!!! …that has given me an idea for my next posting ….