Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jane - our new friend

We have just invested in a Tom-Tom satellite navigation system for the car.

It is wonderful – you are reading a piece from the only person I know who got lost in a supermarket car park.

I once missed a motorway junction on the way back from the north down to Birmingham so I carried on to the next junction, turned round only to miss the same junction yet again. Much to Annie’s relief I got it right third time!

Jane is now our permanent friendly voice in the car and even I cannot get lost … or can I?

We will see. It is still early days.

Jane also warns us of speed cameras and speed limits - another useful addition in my armoury.

Technology is amazing.


Anonymous said...

I borrowed a car with sat-nav. It directed me into a supermarket car park – I wasn’t trying to go shopping at the time! Nevertheless, I did consider investing in sat-nav, but was advised by our mutual friend of CarHunt.co.uk fame that I’d get lost anyway as it was an age thing! Good luck!!!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Tom-Tom is great...but I get lost following the exact (honestly, the exact!) instructions on mine er, now I think about it most times I've used it.
Watch out for one way streets that aren't!
Funnily enough I finally got mine when I couldn't face the stress of trying to drive and navigate through Leeds (a couple of hours away from home) for hospital appointments anymore! Despite the mishaps I wouldn't be without it :) Good luck, Bendy Girl

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks very much for the the comments. We think Jane is marvellous.

We’ve just got back from a 400 mile round trip for work and Jane took us door to door with no problems. We cannot rely totally on Jane of course - we still have to use some common sense and a bit of anticipation and have our wits about us, but overall we think she is great and a valuable addition to our 'family'

Crikey I’ve just thought ... maybe we have to buy her presents as well at Xmas!!

Anonymous said...

Beginner's luck

Trevor Gay said...

Cynical or what? - you are just too mean to fork out £150!

I promise I won't mention Marseille any more than 5 times in the next week.

Anonymous said...

Bet I could get to Marseille without sat-nav though!

By the way, why is Tom called Jane?

Trevor Gay said...

The Tom-Tom gives a choice of male or female voice and then a choice of different voices – each of which has a name. We agreed democratically between Annie and me that ‘Jane’ is the voice we like best. Consensus management works you see!! Jane is definitely part of the family!