Friday, October 26, 2007

George Galloway - Rascal or Realist?

George Galloway is one of those politicians that people tend to either love or hate. I neither love nor hate the man. I am intrigued more than anything else.

George is a man of principle and he really speaks his mind. Anyone - friend or enemy - who watched him take on and beat the US Senate in his evidence about the Iraq war will admit that he is a man with great experience and knowledge about the Middle East troubles. He has studied this for more than 30 years I gather.

He appeared on BBC Question Time on Thursday night. The other four panel members were overshadowed completely, not only by George’s gift of superb speaking, but also by his intimate knowledge of the Middle East.

Whether people like George Galloway or not is not the issue actually as far as I am concerned.

He is enormously popular as a working MP in his constituency in London and he is very popular on his Radio phone in programme on Talksport.

I would be very worried about picking an argument with him on the history of the Middle East and on Question Time I would say he was streets ahead of his fellow politicians on the panel as far as knowledge of the Middle East goes.

George is one of those frustrating people as far as I am concerned.

In some ways I can’t stand him and yet in other ways I admire him tremendously.

It is not as simple as right and wrong methinks.

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