Thursday, August 10, 2006

Secrets To Our Success

My friend Terry has posted a great topic on his Blog which is called Ramblings From a Glass Half Full

Terry has listed 29 things that have influenced and helped him in his career and his list is well worth reading. I endorse all 29!

The most interesting thing to me is that 'technical' aspects, 'systematic' stuff and 'process' stuff hardly get a mention in Terry's 29 items and almost all of them are what I would call ‘heart and minds’ stuff.

As a fully signed up member of the ‘softer side’ of management and leadership I say Terry’s list is BRILLIANT!

Why not take a look by clicking here and let Terry have your comments.

1 comment:

Terry Starbucker said...

Thanks Trevor - gosh, I never saw that picture of me that big! I appreciate your kind words and support, as a fellow "soft sider". All the best.