Tuesday, August 01, 2006

'It's a Goal'

Pete Sayers - one of the driving forces behind the project

Malcolm McClean, project founder with his son

Sir Bobby Charlton talks about the project - apologies for poor quality photo

One of the most disturbing statistics in healthcare is the high number of young men who commit suicide and those who suffer from depression.

I was honoured today to be invited to the official launch of a wonderful project called “It’s a Goal’ which already has had some startling results that are very encouraging.

‘It’s a goal’ is a 12 week programme using football metaphor to enable young men suffering from depression to be the best that they can be.

The project started at Macclesfield Town Football Club in 2004 and has now been adopted by the biggest football club in the world – and of course my favourite team Manchester United.

At the launch today we heard from Sir Bobby Charlton, the Manchester United legend about how Manchester United will fully support the programme and Sir Bobby said he hopes that more football clubs in England, Europe and far beyond will take on board this simple and yet effective programme.

The pictures above capture some of the highlights of a great event which was held at Old Trafford - affectionately known as the Theatre of Dreams - the home of Manchester United Football Club.

I am fortunate to know Malcolm McClean who had the original idea of using football to help this group of people.

Good luck to Malcolm and the team for the continued success of the project and if anyone wants more information please contact Malcolm


Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, this sounds like a project that can SCORE! In order to deliver a message, you need to catch someones attention AND hold it long enough to get it delivered. Football (soccer) is a great metaphor for connecting with this group. I think this can succeed.

Trevor Gay said...

It is a fabulous project Steve and I am sure it is going to grow. It is particularly pleasing that Manchester United - the biggest football club in the world - are now promoting it. Like all things though it started small and Macclesfield Town (a tiny football club) deserve as much praise as Manchester United.