Thursday, August 24, 2006

Can designers really be that stupid?

A delicate subject today …. Forgive me!

Please tell me I am not the only person sad enough to notice these things or perhaps I am the only one silly enough to write them down.

It has intrigued me for many years how professionals with such astonishingly bright minds and fabulous qualifications in design can produce such crap design in areas that are so important to all human beings.

I am talking toilet roll holders here … no joke... it has annoyed me for so long that I just have to write about it!!!

I have – like everyone else – visited toilets in hotels, on trains and planes and all sorts of public places all my life. It amazes me that anyone can position toilet roll holders in places that are almost impossible to get to when you are sat down. The only plausible conclusion I can possibly reach is that designers of this must have a warped sense of humour. There can be no sane explanation for such stupidity!

I am not kidding when I say that on occasions I have come across toilet rolls that are in positions where only a contortionist can get to.

Another thing that annoyed me yesterday was how anyone can design a toilet roll where the perforations are so weak that one piece of tissue breaks off the moment you as much as touch it!

Now let me be clear – I have never professed to be any good at practical stuff with my hands – I am happy to let others far brighter than me do that sort of stuff. But when such crazy design and planning happens I believe we have to say something … so there goes I have said it.

I have got off my chest something that has bugged me for ages. Phew I feel better for that …… maybe I need to get a life :-)


Steve Sherlock said...

Trevor, not a bad topic at all... I wrote about the same thing (almost) once upon a time.

Trevor Gay said...

Fantastic Steve - and there was me thinking I was the only person in the world sad enough to be riled by this - Welcome to my minority club my friend - I'm proud to know you - Toilet Rolls 'R' Us!! :-)

Annie G said...

To be honest, I don't have a big problem with the location of the toilet roll holder (I've read your post Steve) - I'm just grateful when toilet paper is available. Practising contortion has to be good exercise (no need to spend a fortune on yoga classes) and it can be good fun to try and guess the location of the toilet roll holder in advance of entering the little room. It's worth thinking about placing bets, but only if you're not a member of Gamblers Anonymous.

You're right to be annoyed Trevor hun - when you get to a senior age, a comfortable position is always important.