Thursday, August 24, 2006

The deep joy of normality?

Slowly getting back to something approaching normal work after the break - seems a long while ago now .... even if it is only 36 hours!!!

Mmmmm ... an interesting thought ... what is normal?

Anyone interested in more pictures of our holiday in Malta can see loads of photos by clicking here


Dan said...

I am hoping to do some writing "in praise of the ordinary..."

Of course, too much ordinary makes us take it for granted. Scarcity indeed drives value, so regular breaks from the normal help us appreciate it when it returns.

I think this is somehow linked to an observation by some Irish guy about "Home is a wonderful place to miss." (ah, gotta love the Irish and their laments about missing the Emerald Isle...)

Trevor Gay said...

I suspect that is you Dan :-)

We had a lovely relaxing break thanks!

'In praise of the ordinary' - lovely title.

I use an expression regularly 'The basics are the new cutting edge.' For instance, the best advice I‘ve ever had in this modern ‘all singing all dancing’ high tech electronic world of business in 2006 is as follows;

Step 1
Write a list of things to do every day

Step 2
Do them

Don’t you just love that?

Keep me informed about how your writing goes my friend.

Terry Starbucker said...

FANTASTIC pictures Trevor - it was like I was there. You must have had a wonderful time. I'm curious - what kind of camera took the pictures; they were so vivid (i.e. I could tell when you did or didn't shave that day!). Welcome back to the blogging world. All the best.

Trevor Gay said...

Thanks for that Terry.

Annie will answer about the camera as she is the expert in that department! - I am just the junior photographer! I can take no credit for the photos. :-)

We had a geat time and yes .. isn't it just great sometimes not to have to shave - or am I unusual? :-)

Take care - it is good to be back Blogging although part of me would still like to be in Malta of course!

Annie G said...

Hello Starbucker - glad you liked the photos!

78 of the 85 Malta photos were taken with our Olympus C-310 Zoom camera. I'm still experimenting with this camera and have made a few photographic blunders. These photos weren't set to the highest quality either. The highest quality take up 3 times more space on the memory card.

The other 7 photos (with a yellow date stamp on the right-hand corner) were taken with my daughter's Polaroid PDC 4350.

Trevor said that having a hairy chin compensates for not having enough on his head :-)

Terry Starbucker said...

Thanks Trevor and Annie - how many megapixels on that Olympus? For "experimentation" the pictures were pretty darn good! And ah yes, the hair "compensation". I wonder why that doesn't work for me :-) All the best.

Annie G said...

Hi Starbucker, 3.2 megapixels on the Olympus.